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Teleperformance offers a video-kiosk solution that can provide exceptional service, comprising all components to ensure exceptional efficiency and quality during every interaction.

The Teleperformance Advantage

Teleperformance has the experience and the best processes to implement and manage your video kiosk operations. We offer a turnkey solution that can be easily incorporated into your business processes, using our best-in-class technology, methodologies, and people strategy.

What do we offer?

Hardware and Software

  • Hardware tailor-made to meet each client’s needs
  • Customizable with several add-ons: keyboard, printer, card reader, barcode reader, phone
  • Different options for software and applications

Technical Support and Maintenance

  • Strict maintenance routines 
  • Monitoring centralized
  • Full technical support with specialized teams
  • Proactive approach using alarm monitoring

Training and QA

  • Specific training modules for video assistance 
  • Training with sessions on simulator
  • Continuous training to incorporate market trends and best practices
  • Differentiated procedures and policies


  • Differentiated premises with segregated space 
  • Slight personalization through uniforms and furniture
  • The central layout ensures there are no people moving into the agent’s line-of sight to minimize distractions

The Right People

  • Selection of suitable profiles to represent the company and the corporate image on screen
  • Focus on agility to ensure rapid assistance to be considerate of the customer standing throughout the interaction

Outstanding Results

To reduce legal issues for a company in the credit card sector, Teleperformance installed video kiosks in small claims courts. People who had a claim in progress and/or those who wanted to open a claim could use the technology. Our specially trained attendants, who had decision-making power, used customer information to compose agreements. If customers concurred, the agreements could be immediately processed, reducing costs and saving time for all involved parties.

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